Welcome! Located in Victoria, BC, Canada, DVDR.ca provides CDROM and both Single and Dual Layer DVDROM duplication, printing and some packaging starting at just $1.39ea.. Same day services are available for most orders under 200 discs (small orders are graciously accepted in any quantity from just a few discs up). We offer free graphic design services for your CD/DVD labels so please email us to get started or call (+1) (250) 721-DIGI (3444) now to talk about your order. Thank-you.

$1.39.ea. DVD AND CD Duplication, Printing, Packaging.

DVDR.ca excels at bringing CD and DVD discs to:

Government Departments: Microsoft® Powerpoint distributions, reports and more.
Company Functions: presentations, advertising, trade show CDs/DVDs, software distributions, etc..
School Events: student photo albums, graduation ceremony movies, lasting memories!
Musicians and Bands: Sample CDs, Retail CDs, DVD Videos.
Photographers: Stock photo collections, portfolios.
Weddings: Imagine giving away your wedding movie on DVD to all of your guests!
Anniversaries: Clippings, Memorobilia, Photo slide shows, Videos and more!

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